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History of the Mimosa

August 25, 2010

Is there anything better than the simplicity of a mimosa? The champagne or sparking wine cocktail mixed with orange juice is a refreshing accompaniment to a weekend brunch. But where did this drink originate and where did that catchy name come from anyway? Redstone American Grill has all your answers!

There are two stories about the origin of the mimosa. One states that the adult beverage was invented at the Ritz Hotel in Paris in 1925. It’s widely believed, though, that a French bartender stole the idea from a London tavern that calls their almost identical concoction “Buck’s Fizz” around the same time.

If you ever find yourself brunching in the United Kingdom, you’ll want to order a Buck’s Fizz. Here at American Redstone Grill, we’ll stick to calling them mimosas and serving them up with your favorite brunch in town.

As far as that name that just rolls off the tongue, the mimosa is named after the mimosa flower, a bright orange/yellow blossom native to southern Mexico and Central and South America. Now you know!

A toast: To mimosas!

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